Moulding the Body Pieces

Once I had finished sculpting the body pieces design I was ready to start moulding them. Because of the awkward shape and size of the pieces I decided to mould the whole thing in four parts to make sure the mould released easily. The shape of the vines on the shoulders was very awkward to mould because of the gap beneath them and the angle they leaned at.

Before moulding the main pieces I separated the joining piece in the middle so that it could be applied separately to cover the join of the two pieces. Unfortunately when I was moulding the body appliances I forgot to create a cutting edge, this meant that the edges would be thicker than I sculpted and that they would not be defined from the overflow material. Because of this I had to come up with a slightly different way of presenting it when applied. Instead of trying to completely hide the edges of the piece I would trim the prosthetic to follow the lines of the body and allow the edges to completely show and use shading and colouring to define them. This would make the piece stand out in its own right and look striking while also fitting with the rest of the look.




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