Attaching the Horns

Once I had both horns cast, cleaned, and coloured I had to start thinking about how I would attach them to the skull cap. Initially I wanted the horns to be detachable so I tried a variety of methods that would allow the horns to be taken off easily yet remain firmly attached when needed. I tried a method of attaching metal plates to the horns and the skull cap and secure together with poppers, velcro, and hooks but the horns were not secure enough and sagged as they sat. I then tried using a metal wire frame to support the horns and give them some extra stability but still have them attached by Velcro but unfortunately the hold with the velcro was not strong enough.


I eventually decided that it would be better to permanently attach the horns to a wire frame and have the frame sit on the skull cap underneath the make-up. This would mean that they were not detachable but it would make them a lot more secure and I found that it was very successful.



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