Moulding the Second Horn

The second horn had to be moulded differently to the first horn because the amount of TinSil used to create the first mould was too much to be cost effective. After considering a lot of different ideas and methods I eventually decided to separate the tip of the horn where it starts to twist back on itself and mould that part separately in a small amount of silicon and mould the main body in 3 parts in fibreglass.

For the tip of the horn I simply separated it from the rest as it stated to curve under. I then re-sculpted slightly to make sure it still re-attached neatly, and secured the tip to a wire frame and suspended it above a container, allowing a space at the bottom for the silicon to flood below it. I flooded the container with silicon and allowed to cure overnight before demoulding.


For the body of the horn I built walls along the 3 part divides and fibre-glassed it the same as for the make-up sculpt. I left a hole at the tip of the body to allow a gap to four in the expanding foam when I cast it later. Once all the parts had cured, I neatened the edges and drilled bolt holes before de-moulding and cleaning the mould for use.




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