Foam Latex Runs

Once I had the 3 part mould of the faun sculpt I could start to do some practice foam runs to get the final foam latex prosthetic piece. I haven’t worked with foam latex for around a year now so I was eager to get back into it. I was also going to be doing these foam runs alone so I was a bit apprehensive at first but after the first run I was confident working quickly and independently with the foam latex.

The first test piece came out quite well in the detail however the foam had not quite reached all of the areas of the mould so the mouth peice was quite deformed and missing a significant amount. The first couple of attempts that I did were by using the injection method which I had not done before so it allowed to to experiment and gain experience in a new skill.


The second run that I did came out a lot better but was still missing the same area around the mouth so I decided that the next time I would do a press mould so that I could be certain that the foam latex would get the whole of the sculpt piece. The press mould piece came out really well and though it had a small air bubble and an area that deflated slightly it was definitely the best so far, the blemishes could be easily repaired and the piece would be fit for use.


I will continue to make foam latex pieces until I have 3 completely successful runs, this will give me one for the studio shoot, one for the location shoot, and one for the exhibition piece.


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