Monthly Archives: April 2012

Moulding the Faun Sculpt

Once I had finalized all of the fine detail for the Faun sculpt I could start to work on making the mould for the final foam latex piece. I decided to do it in 3 pieces with one piece at the front and two at the back with the seam along the horn stumps and behind the edge of the mask. The first job was to create the clay wall and support it with  modroc for the front fibreglass part of the mould.


Once I had fibre glassed the front part, I moved on to the back which I did in the same way but in two parts. Once all of the parts were completely cured I neatened the edges, drilled bolt holes, and split the mould and cleaned it of any remaining clay. The sculpture did not survive the  moulding process but I didn’t need it any-more now that I had a mould of it. Now that the mould is finished I can start to do some foam runs to create the final foam latex piece.